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Will Cochrane is a highly trained intelligence officer and is one of the most effective and deadliest agent, codenamed Spartan, to have emerged from the CIA-MI6 Spartan program. As Russia and the United States stands on the brink of war, the CIA intercepts a message from one of their deep cover agents in Russia, that there is a double agent that has betrayed the West and is seeking to create something close to a nuclear apocalypse (don’t you just hate that?). After Will Cochrane is sent in, covertly, to possibly exfil and debrief the agent, he, instead, finds the agent near death (well, actually quite gutted but holding onto life) who offers a final clue: Only the Sentinel can stop him. Hence the title of the book.
Now I must say that this book literally called to me. Yes, I know … bloody freaky. And for months I have ignored it, but I eventually gave in. To besides, there was a bear on the cover and I like bears. Though I probably shouldn’t say that too loud in places such as San Francisco … or a Stephen Colbert set. I have detoured. Aye, I tend to do that … a lot.

Sentinel opens with an edge-of-the-seat, nail-biter infiltration of a Russian submarine base by Cochrane. Nerve-wracking, bladder-clenching and cold sweat-invoking basically describes the first chapter which basically sets you up for what EVERY chapter is going to be like. And what a bloody great ride it is, from cover to cover. With plots so delicately interwoven, aside from Cochrane it has hard to figure out most of the characters and even when you think you do … you find out that you’re dead wrong. The action and intrigue are equally fast, vicious, and many times slams you in the chest like Thor’s hammer. The truth is Will Cochrane makes James Bond (whom I love very much) looks like a preening, cocktail-sipping, tuxedoed Sunday school teacher (sorry James, still love you mate). Possible equals on this side of the Atlantic: Jason Bourne, But that’s another story for another time, mates.

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