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EX-KOP takes us back to the steaming tropical dysfunction of a planet called Lagarta to meet our anti-hero and dirty cop, Juno Mozambe. A lot has happened since KOP. Juno is no longer on the force, his chief is dead (let’s just say it wasn’t natural causes) and his wife is in critical condition after a seemingly bizarre suicide attempt. Juno is also at his lowest point where he is reduced to a lowly pathetic bagman and a sort of scandal photographer that basically takes photos of certain public folks doing not so desirable things. Sort of like a paparazzi, minus a grinning Harvey Levin and that douchebag surfer dude “journalist”, with the propensity for occasional bouts of extortion. As a young girl is about to be executed for murder that she may not have committed, Juno is called on the case by former partner Maggie Orzo who is still on the force and managed to find herself with a partner that makes Juno (her former partner) look like a choir boy. And that is several levels, south of hell, of BAD. In EX-KOP, Lagarta is as disgusting a fur coat in Florida June weather, the sex is kinkier (and some cases, seemingly downright scandalous and cringeworthy), the action is fast and ultra-vicious, and levels of human depravity struggles for even lower depths. Hammond’s delightful blend of detective noir and science fiction has stepped up the ante from KOP and hooks the reader in … by the minerals.

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