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Running title: American Sniper – The Autobiography of The Most Lethal Sniper In US Military History

Chris Kyle makes no apologies for the work that he does. And that is simply putting down bad guys that hide behind women and children as they take potshots at members of US military. Though at times his writing may sound arrogant and boastful, upon close inspection it is anything but. It is about a man who answered the call to do the most daring and dangerous duty for his country, and when the time came he did it to the best of abilities and sometimes beyond the call of duty.
Shared in great harrowing detail, is his tour of duty in Iraq and it IS very nerve-racking, which in turn makes you extremely appreciative of what these guys really put with and endure in the war zones. Needless to say, it is the kind of stuff that is neglected from many media outlets. Aside from the occasional tosser that felt the need to take potshots at American servicemen on patrol, the most crippling thing that Mr. Kyle encountered was the mind-numbing excuses that passed for Rules of Engagement (ROE). Here’s an example: an insurgent can mow down an entire platoon but if he drops his gun and walks away from it, the most US military can do is “arrest” him. Now some may argue, that this is taking the high ground. Really, now? Let’s bring this home. Imagine walking into your home just in time to see some scum rape and kill your wife, and just as you bring a bead on him, he simply drops his gun and say “hey man, you have to arrest me … can’t shoot me”. How many of us will be willing to take that “high road”? Aye, that’s what I thought. Now imagine that is what you have to do in a war zone where the other side doesn’t play by the rules and every bullet you fire is scrutinized by some lawyer. Some bloke that has never had to watch his mates die in his hands or get blown to bits by some IED. Infuriating, yes it is and I’m just reading about it, much less about the blokes that are actually knee deep in and had to deal with that bollocks. There were times I had to put the bloody book down and rub my temples because the stuff was bloody ponderous. Though a good percentage of the book is devoted to his work as a sniper, there is are touching stories that surround his fellow teammates and in some cases, their ill-fated destinies. As with many SEAL books that I’ve read, in the center of the book is adorned with photos of some these brave souls that are no longer with the living. It is very touching and the stuff chokes you up as if these were mates that you knew. Also included in this book, a second voice: the words and perspectives of Chris’ wife, Taya. Throughout the book there are segments littered with her fears, joys, frustrations and apprehensions every time Mr. Kyle returns from and to the battlefield. It is a unique approach, that brings so much emotional content. In truth, though the book is seemingly a tell-all about Mr. Kyle’s accomplishment as Navy SEAL sniper, it is more of a fitting memorial to his mates and all those that have passed on during their service to this country, but most of all it is bellowing acknowledgement of those that sacrifice the most: their loved ones that stay behind. Wonderful written. Extremely riveting. And it makes us a bit more appreciative of what we have and those that make the ultimate sacrifice so that we can enjoy this land that we live in. Aye, the price of freedom is always high. Thanks Mr. Kyle for your service. Rest in peace, valiant soul. And may those that you’ve left behind be blessed all the days of their lives.

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Running title: SEAL Team Six – Memoirs of An Elite Navy SEAL Sniper

This review is LONG overdue. So here it is.

Getting into the SEALs is tough. Doable but tough. Only the best of the best make it. But getting into the SEAL team 6, is even tougher because only the best of the best of best get in. Standards, after all, must be kept. And this is precisely why the Navy SEALs is one the most formidable elite military units on this planet. Aye, I said it. On this planet. In view of the recent passing of a certain miserable piece of crap talked a lot of smack from caves and toss off to occasional porn in Pakistani suburbs, the SEALs have gained prominence in the headlines … and the minds of adventurous teenagers. And the occasional adult that regrets not having served in the military. Not going to name names.

Meet Mr. Howard Wasdin. Not only did he make the SEALs, but he made SEAL team 6 and as a sniper. In all my readings and studies and talks (with actual servicemen) about the military, the proficiency and standards for snipers, in most branches, are very high. I suspect the standards in the likes of SEAL team 6 are lot higher than most branches. In his book, Mr. Wasdin takes us through his somewhat “turbulent” childhood on his way through BUDS training to his time in the SEALs. All riveting, sometimes unnerving and, dare I say, very inspiring. And then there are those surprising moments. In his cringe worthy details of his time in Somalia doing reconnaissance, just before the Black Hawk down incident, there is memorable mention of humanity at the risk of tactical compromise. It is about him smelling a foul odour in the air which turned out to be the wounded, rotting wound of young Somali boy that was forced to sleep outside on the porch because his OWN family couldn’t stand the smell. So what’s an elite sniper with a heart to do? Breaking tactical protocols, they donned masks, break into the family’s house flexi-cuffed and blindfolded the family and then proceeded to … treat the boy of his wounds. It is a touching moment in the book, and is contrary to the Hollywood tendencies to portray Special Forces operators as war-loving, emotionless, cowboys. As was discovered in the Lutrell’s Lone Survivor, many of these valiant men choose their humanity when it is needed over tactical protocols to save lives even though sometimes the lives they save may be the very one that may betray them. It is indeed commendable and quite noble. And this is why these men are indeed the best of the best of America. Great book. Fascinating and riveting read. Makes you appreciate what these chaps do for their fellow countrymen. Thanks for your service, Mr. Wasdin. God Bless you and yours.

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Running Title: Lone Survivor – The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing And The Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10

In view of the recent demise of the Earth’s #1 tosser, wanker, scumbag and turdkicking jackass, I just felt that I had trot this review out.

Lone Survivor is a harrowing story of bravery, nobility and tragedy that pulls at the heartstrings and keeps you on an emotional roller-coaster. It is the recount of an ill-fated Navy SEAL mission that occurred in Afghanistan in the earlier part of the war on terror. Retold by Marcus Lutrell, the only survivor of this mission, the reader is given a tour from from his humble beginnings to his training for entrance into the SEALS to his deployment into Afghanistan and the harrowing ordeal of the mission. It is quite the read that pulls you in and gives you a deeper appreciation for what these chaps do for their country and fellow countrymen. In several reviews I’ve encountered, concerning this book, some folks feel that Mr. Luttrell do seem full of himself as he indulges in a lot of self-inflicted backpattings and the such. I, on the other hand, disagree. Considering that this is a nation that rewards complete twits for “singing” nonsensical bollocks about how much cars they have, women they did and bling that they where … I find such gripes directed towards Mr. Luttrell is bloody laughable. Let’s face it, here is someone that VOLUNTEERED to endure viciously, rigorous training to become part of military unit that is OFTEN called upon to go off to godforsaken hellpits of the world and basically put their life on the line … and oh yes, they don’t paid millions or get a bloody clothesline. Aye, I’m guessing Mr. Luttrell has not only earned the right to toot his horn but to toot it from the mountain tops if he bloody well pleases. It seems I have detoured. Haven’t I? Let’s return, shall we.
In the center of the book there are series of pictures, some black and white and some color, of Lutrell and his former SEAL buddies. In a sense, this book is also a tribute to his fallen mates (one was from New York). As I read the book, every time their names were mentioned I often found myself going back to that center of the book to look at the person’s picture. I think doing this brought even more home to me and tore at my heartstrings. Especially when you read how a noble (yet tactically unsound) decision to protect “innocent” lives, instead of preserving their stealth, basically backfired and cost these men their lives. I say innocent in quotes because it makes you seethe in rage when you wonder how many of these tossers that got spared came back with Al-Qaeda and Taliban nutsacks to destroy the very hands that spared them. At certain points, the story reads like a movie where you’re expecting the calvary to come and save them. But real life is not like the movies and in the real world, sometimes the calvary themselves get hurt or destroyed in the process … which just makes this story even more heartshredding. Mr. Lutrell’s story is one of many that needs to be told, an eye-opener and a very appreciative view of the men that serve as Navy SEALS. On a few occasions, however, Mr. Lutrell veers off course to lash out at the “liberal media” and this is not only distracting but annoying. The cry of the so-called bloody “liberal media” is usually the war cry of tosser bloggers and wanks on the camera who think too bloody highly of themselves. Mr. Luttrell is so much more and is bigger than this, to reduce himself to the level of these twits. Something I once saw on the bumper of Bronco, complete with gunracks, in Florida: The Media Is As Liberal As The Conservatives That Own It. Thankfully he is subtle and conservative in his rants against the “liberal media” and stays on course with his story of tragedy and tribute. It is a sobering read, and unless you have the emotional content of stone, it is enough to make you at most shed a tear to the least, give a silent salute to these chaps that gave so much.

Thank you Mr. Luttrell and all the chaps that serve in the SEALs for your service. God Bless and rest in sweet peace, Mr. Michael Murphy, you brave soul.

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