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Lagarta is a planet that is fourteen light years away from Earth. It is gritty place to live, and living in Lagarta is hard. Meet Juno Mozambe, a vice cop that makes a living shaking down brothels and other shady enterprises. Seems likeable. When his superior puts him on a homicide case, with a green rookie to add to his frustrations, Juno becomes cautious and wary of his new assignment. And he’s got good reasons, since life is cheaper than cheap on Lagarta and the corruption is rampant and normal as say … breathing. In typical fashion, KOP blends gritty detective noir with the likes of Blade Runner along with William Gibson-esque dystopic settings where life is nothing more than an afterthought and the action is lightning-speed, vicious, and heartless. The action and the suspense leaves the reader basically peering around each page in anticipation of what’s waiting to leap out and grab them by the throats … like a Lagartan dragon-lizard (which just happens to be a delicacy on the planet … sorry, I have detoured). Warren Hammond’s KOP is quick delightful read and it prepares the reader for the exciting sequel to this novel, EX-KOP … which, strangely enough, will be reviewed on this site. Bet you didn’t see that coming didn’t you. Ok, maybe you did. Bloody hell, even Stevie Wonder on a pitch dark night saw that coming.

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