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Welcome to 77 Shadow Street. It a dreamy luxury apartment building … filled with the strangest potpourri of personalities clustered under one roof. Neurotic sisters, single mom with special need children, psychotic killer with murder and rape on the mind, a pissed off anarchist with murder in the mind, and a troubled war veteran. And that’s just the good news. The bad news … well … there’s an entity in the building that wants to some pretty interesting things to them and THE WORLD, and no, it does not involve tea, scones or biscuits. So just when you thought it was safe to read with fewer lights on (possibly because electricity bills are ridiculous or you’ve decided to go “green”), Mr. Koontz decides to launch another ditty that’ll make you either say to hell with the light bill or face the risk of crapping and pissing on yourself in bed every time the wind blows or that annoying tree branch scrapes against the window. But Mr. Koontz is not, apparently, satisfied that his literary skills might do the job and has decided to make a website to have the reader get an “interactive” experience. Aye, just don’t do it on a full bladder with your Altec Lansing Dolby 7.1 speakers tweaked at half of the maximum volume. Good show, Mr. Koontz. Good show.
Shadow Street is a good bump-in-the-night thriller that can still creep the crap out of us “grown ups”. And in some cases it literally did (damn upstairs neighbour should fix their bloody creaky floors). Every turn of the page feels like your peeking around the corners, in anticipation of things leaping out of shadows with your demise in mind. Aye, there’s a sobering thought. Better stock up on the Ambien. And maybe some new dry changes of underwear.

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