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This book review is loooong overdue. I just hope Mr. Colbert can forgive me. And now with the pleasantries out of the way … we plod forward.
Unless you are living under a rock encased in a meteorite and buried at the bottom of the Marianna’s Trench … you should have an idea who Stephen Colbert is. If not, then you are probably Communist (just kidding … or am I). In I Am America, Stephen Colbert brings forth his brand of “truthiness” and slight illogical fear/hatred of bears to everyone living under the great blue skies in this fair, great land. It is hilarious, somewhat troubling and then hilarious again. Troubling yet hilarious bits include things like sleeping with a loaded gun underneath your pillow and firing away at any shadow that moves in the house after 8 PM … as mandatory duty of the man of the house. Troubling, maybe, but bloody hilarious (as it turns out, I am not only easily amused but have a dark sense of humour). And the there is the downright hilarious bits like illustrating why it is better to be poor or rich but not middle class, where you practically piss yourself silly until you get to a point where you find yourself going, “hey, that shit’s not funny” … and then you move on the next chapter, and the laughter and pissing regains full momentum. Trust me, it never misses a beat. Now like every red-blooded male in this land, most of us don’t waste our time reading absolute bollocks like the “acknowledgements” and “foreword” and other such shite. Nay. We just plunge into the book, headlong, or as the 80s rock group, Accept, would say, “balls to the wall”. Bloody hell, an actual reference to Accept. Detouring … must … stay .. on … track. In I Am America, my advise to everyone is to read every part of this book. From cover to end. Simply hilarious, with some subtly disguised truths and great for destressing. To add to this, Mr. Colbert leaves a transcript of his cringeworthy performance at some press dinner in Washington that really makes you feel it for the ex-prez. Well, almost. The minerals on that Stephen. Brilliantly funny book, look forward to the sequel. There IS a sequel, right mate? Ahhh, c’mon.

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