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Reuben Golding is an aspiring journalist for the San Francisco Observer who meets with an elegant, older Marchent Nideck to write a story about her house. He’s seduced by her charm and after a night of passion, Reuben soon awakens into a living nightmare and a life-altering fate … along with a murdered Marchent. Enter the world of werewolves.
The Vampire Chronicles (in my humble opinion) pretty much altered many of our perspectives of the world of Vampires. Which pretty much accounts for my occasional chuckling and mockingly pointing at the likes of the Twilight … umm, epic. Aye, that’s the word I was “really” looking for … epic. Don’t get me wrong, it is admirable what Ms. Meyers has done for the vampire genre, but the truth be told reading the Chronicles and then looking at the Twilight Epic is sort of like learning about flat screen colour television and then looking back at those cute bubbly black and white cathode-ray tubes. Did I just start a war of sorts … maybe I did. Sadly, that’s how the Evil Parrot rolls. And yes, I’d pit Lestat against the Cullens, and the Voltaris any day … oh schnapps … me and my big mouth. I guess I did go there and has henceforth issued an invitation to “bring it”. Along with that, it seems that I have detoured.
Now when this book was first released, several gothic poseur messageboards basically proclaimed that Anne Rice has returned to the “dark side” (or goth poseurspeak: she was “readable” again). The truth is most of her books written prior to the Wolf Gift were great reads, though they may have seemingly offended “certain folks” as too Christian-y. Seriously ??? Whatever happened to just good writing … period? Can’t please everyone, it seems.
As Reuben Golding comes to grips with his new preternatural abilities and a budding romance born out of an encounter in the woods during his lycanthropic adventures, he finds himself pitted against sinister enemies (not of his choosing) and soon finds that there exists under this sun secrets and creatures that are dark and enigmatic. He’s slowly indoctrinated into the inner sanctum of werewolves and is taught the rules of the community. Now throughout most of the lore’s history, becoming a werewolf was deemed a curse, but in Wolf Gift the perspective is delightfully changed from curse to gift. In a sense, Wolf Gift pretty much rearranges everything that we know of the lycanthropic world and lets us view this world with new eyes.

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